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Wooden House

Our Management Services

We provide an array of services to our owners. If you would like a complete list of services with a quote please contact us. 

Place Tenants

Market the property with professional photography. Take in rental applications. Perform credit and background checks. Get lease signed and do walkthroughs.

Collect Rent

Collect the rent on the first of the month and enforce the lease terms

Book Keeping

Provide an accessible portal into your account. Provide detailed monthly accounting statements and invoices, accessed through the owner’s portal. Prepare and provide year-end accounting information including 1099, Depreciation Schedule, and Schedule-E Reports to assist your accountant at tax time.


Take calls and portal requests from tenants regarding maintenance, complaints, or needs the tenants may have. Handle maintenance calls as required: including HVAC, plumbing, electrical. A $500 maintenance reserve is set aside for emergencies and all other maintenance is approved by owner ahead of time

Large Maintenance Projects

We will gather and provide estimates, and price out appliances, or larger projects that require additional funds and approvals.


What Our Clients Say

White Window Shutters

Jessica Richcreek

By far the best property management I could ask for. I highly recommend clavis property management to anyone looking for a home. The care and gratitude I received from them, when I went through my rental process, and continue to, is like no other! They truly look after their clients and their properties with the utmost respect and are always sure to accommodate any of your needs.
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