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We Know Property Management.
Get to Know What We do.

Clavis Property Management is a unique and specialized segment of the Property Management industry.  Most of our competitors look for volume of properties to manage, we are very different.  We are looking for quality properties and owners that are seeking a top notch management team that is detail oriented, industry experienced with single family homes and high-end or luxury rentals, providing a professional and enjoyable experience for your tenants.  We offer bookkeeping services, Remodeling and Building of single, multi-unit or commercial properties for investors, general repairs and updates for investors and realtor clients, on-going maintenance for managed properties, tenant placement, background and credit checks and specialized services for any specific needs our clients may have.   We also provide Property Management services for clients that live overseas and have properties in the U.S.

Clavis PM also works with quality HOA's and Condo Associations that have no more than 120 individual properties.  We provide direction for the HOA's/CA boards and work closely with the board and residences to make living in their communities the best possible experience.  We provide inspections, help run meetings, offer advice on rules and regulation updates and where they should be with owned vs rentals in their communities. We provide book keeping services, manage vendors, collect dues and any special services our clients may need as well.  

Our amazing team has years of  experience in  the real estate industry, renovations and personal property investments. With hands on working knowledge of the industry and our personalized service and attention to detail, you will be happy you called Clavis Property Management. Reach out today to setup a consultation or walk thru assessment of your investment properties or quality HOA/Condo Association. We are ready to move forward with you!

Our Team.

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